Hear ye, hear ye, friends!

Last Known Settlers self-titled EP is now available on Amazon and on iTunes for your maximum rocking pleasures. The album is available for a mere $3.96, that’s United States Dollars! A bargain for all that rock. When was the last time you purchased anything for $3.96? I can’t even remember. Oh yes, I remember, I bought the Last Known Settlers self-titled EP.

We’re practicing and working on some new songs. They have awesome titles like “Stick this one in your maw and chew on it” and “A polluted rainbow over Queens is hardly a rainbow, Annie, don’t be an idiot” and my favorite “Last Known Settlers has an EP out on iTunes, that means we’re a real band now, but not really.”

We’re trying to book some new shows, so we’ll let you know and blast you with the informations.

Buy our jamz!

November 24, 2008

Our self-titled EP is now available for sale online at CD Baby. Sweet, you can buy the CD for a mere $6! That’s in US dollars so if you’re using Euros it’s basically free! Free music for $6! I know a bargain when I see one.

It should be available on Amazon and iTunes sometime soon. You can also preview the record at CD Baby too.

Thanks for everyone who came out to the Matchless show. As usual it was raining. But our friends were HARDCORE and not afraid of WATER or ROCK. So thanks!

We’re trying to book more shows, but we’ll probably wait until after the holidays. But dude, a CD makes a great stocking stuffer if you need to stuff stockings. Right? Why not give the gift that keeps on giving. It’s so much better than a fist to the jaw, let me tell you.

We’ll be playing 13th of November, at 9 post meridian at Matchless, 557 Manhattan Ave at Driggs. You can take the L to Bedford and walk east, or take the G to Nassau and go south, like what ducks do in the winter. Personally I (meaning Annie) rather die than take the G, but I’m not gonna judge you guys. That’s not what I do.

We’ll have awesome new songs and there’ll be shirts and CDs for sale. Beer will also be on sale. Come for the rock, stay for the beer. Or, vice versa. Either way, choice is yours. But if you don’t come Andy will mow you down with his moto-bike. Yes, he has a moto-bike. He’s too cool for school, we may have to kick him out of the band and then Jeff will have to hum Andy’s part: nanana nanana naaa nananana nanana naaa. It’ll be just like the real thing, no one will even notice.

Muxtape is down/gone/out.

August 21, 2008

We are working on getting our EP out on iTunes and Amazon and make rocking AVAILABLE TO ALL. In the meantime we had a Muxtape page, but Muxtape is “sorting out problems with the RIAA.” So sorry about that. RIAA wants to make it harder for everyone to rock. They want to make it hard for most things, actually. Stay tuned! All, like, three of you who read this.

Many thanks to everyone who showed up and rocked with us last night. There were old friends and new faces. There was also tequila which made me sad, then happy, then sad again. And somewhere between those extremes, there was drunkeness. Andy made the horrible mistake of eating Burger King right after the show because he was so hungry and then the rest of the night he, too, was sad.

We finally got CDs, we’ll get up in iTunes soon, word to that.

We’re working on getting more shows. Heather has her eyes on a little east coast romp mini-tour, which would be fun and full of tasty rock hard tunes. If you think we should play in your town and blow your minds, give us a shout out at lastknownsettlers at gmaildotcom.

Congratulations to Heather and Jeff (singer and drummer of our little rock n’ roll outfit) who eloped back in February! I actually found out about it when I picked up the Post and saw a picture of them. They got married on Leap Day which means they get an anniversary once every four years, along with the Olympics and a presidential election. Very nerdy, very cute, and very Heather and Jeff. Everything they do is cute, it’s actually very disgusting and sometimes it makes me vomit in my own mouth, just a little bit. Anyway, only sixty some odd people get married at City Hall on Leap Day, but usually it’s a couple hundred on any given day. So the Post did a story and featured Heather and Jeff.  Then when Andy and I got the HEY WE ELOPED! postcard in the mail a few days later, it was, like, totally old news to me, that was SO TWO DAYS AGO. As usual, Andy was the last to know in the band ha ha ha JUST KIDDING ANDY I LOVE YOU. No one can swing the ax like Andy. Except for those dudes on that Axmen show. By the same people who brought you Ice Truck Drivers and Great White Shark Artificial Inseminators.

Anyway come to Saturday’s show at the Delancey and congratulate Heather and Jeff in person and watch Andy swing the ax and watch me, uh, shred the xylophone.

First Post by LKS

June 15, 2008

We are Last Known Settlers. We love rock. We love it so much we make it.

We will be playing a show at the Delancey, this Saturday, that’s June 21. We go on at 8 post meridian. But check it, there are other bands too, including Silence the Bird, Emmanuel & the Fear, Red Robot, and the Morning Code. The price is seven big, fat, juicy American dollars.

Where is the Delancey? 168 Delancey between Clinton and Attorney.